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Welcome to MCTV

Welcome to Middlebury Community Television. To find a video, either scroll back in time at the bottom of the page, or enter a search term (like ID#4 or pipeline) or an individual's name in the search box below.

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UD#3 02/07/12

Union District #3 Board Meeting

Welcome to the new site!

Middlebury Community Television's new website is easily searchable, offers full-screening for videos, and works on all major browsers and two mobile platforms. We're excited to offer this resource to the community, and look forward to employing the full capabilities of the new site in the future.

How can I find a video?
For videos from February 2012 on, there are three ways to find the content you're searching for:

Vermont A Special World

Video showing the four seasons of Vermont. Shot and edited by Marge and Bud Covey.

Chronique Francophone: Fevrier 12

monthly french-language program by Simon Barenbaum

Chronique Francophone: Janvier 2012

monthly french-language program by Simon Barenbaum

Selectboard 01/24/12


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