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ACEDC Annual Meeting 2015

ACEDC: Business Succession 3/18/2015

The Search for a Good Exit: An Introduction to Ownership Succession Planning

This seminar introduces the process of choosing a path for business
ownership succession. Discussion covers four different ways of selling a
business: to an outsider, to family members, to managers or to the larger
group of employees. The focus is on stories about each path, told via video
by owners who have been involved in the sale of Vermont businesses.

The lead presenters were Don Jamison of the Vermont Employee Ownership
Center and Lynne Silva, President of The Silva Group, which offers a full
range of business brokerage and advisory services.

ACEDC Annual Meeting Keynote: Jon Erickson

The keynote speaker at ACEDC's breakfast meeting was Jon D. Erickson,
Professor & Interim Dean at The University of Vermont's Rubenstein School.
Professor Erickson's address, Bold is Beautiful: Metrics and Milestones for
Charting Progress in the Genuine Economydiscussed how The Genuine Progress
Indicator is emerging as one standard methodology for including costs and
benefits like these in our basic economic accounts.

Working Landscape: Chris Flinn


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