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Paul Kenyon: Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic

Paul Kenyon shares his stories and photos of 3 years in the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic.

Reel Local: Straight Out of Rutland

Kurt interviews Hannah Bristol, one of the filmmakers from Middlebury College who produced "Straight Out of Rutland," a film that follows a young couple in Rutland who are working to improve Rutland and the city's own self-image in the wake of earlier media attention devoted to its heroin problem. The 15 minute film is shown during this segment.

MUHS Graduation 2014

Thanks to Elliott Abbott and Joe Hounchell for helping film graduation this year.

ID#4 Board Meeting 4/17/14

ID#4 School Board Meeting

Middlebury Union High School Band Room 

Thursday, April 17, 2014 7:00 PM

1. Call to Order
2. Adopt Agenda
3. Comments and Questions from Visitors & Community Members
4. Consent Agenda
Approve Minutes of April 9, 2014
Act on Bills

5. Headstart Program Space Issue Update and Discussion – Tom Buzzell
Due to addition of fourth Grade 1-2 class, there will no longer be viable space in the school for the Headstart program which leases space from ID#4. This has both community education & childcare implications for the children and families involved, as well as revenue implications for ID#4. Tom will update the Board on discussions with Headstart and potential options for assisting the program with its space needs.
6. Committee and Administrative Reports
Principal's Report – Tom Buzzell (see attached)
Playground Committee Update – Matt Landis

Meeting to discuss final design updates, fall tree planting, farewell party
7. Policy Review -- Second Review (see attached drafts)
JBA Limited English Proficiency Students
IKE Grade Advancement: Retention, Promotion and Acceleration of Students
DIPSA McGilton Fund Gift Acceptance Policy (see attached for suggested language)

8. Appointment – Jennifer Molineaux as ID#4 Board Representative to MCTV
9. Board Future Meetings and Other Business – Retreat Scheduling
10. Executive Session: Contract Negotiations
11. 2014-2017 Teacher Contract Ratification
12. Adjournment

ACSU Annual Meeting 4/17/14

ACSU Full Board Meeting 6/20/12 -Part 1 of 3

ACSU Full Board Meeting Part 1 of 3

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