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Middlebury Five-0: Ted Scheu

The inimitable 'Poetry Guy' expounds upon his love of the medium - and his
infectious enthusiasm for sharing that delight with young people, nudging
them toward self-expression and thereby enhancing their language skills,
and potentially deepening their sense of self and appreciation of the world
around them. Ted reads examples of his work, which is both humorous and
touching, and even blesses us with the origin story of his nom de guerre.
His tremendous warmth and zeal shine through in this interview.

Middlebury Five-0: Matt Dunne

This eloquent and illustrious Google executive and Vermont Gubernatorial
hopeful talks about his path to the campaign, inspired by his father's
activism in the civil rights movement and his mother's groundbreaking
pursuit of an academic career in a profoundly androcentric environment.
Matt talks about his experience working in the Vermont House and Senate,
his role in AmeriCorp VISTA, striving to help citizens overcome poverty,
and his career in Google connecting the company with local communities. He
describes his vision for Vermont, describing the State's challenges and
presenting compelling remedies - all the time speaking to his desire to
help his home state flourish.

Middlebury Five-0: Amy Graham

The Vice President of Bonnie's Book Foundation talks about this modest but
noble initiative dedicated to promoting children's literacy. Amy describes
the Foundation's mission, talking with ardor about how critical it is for
youth to develop skills, and the extent to which connection and intimacy
can be fostered in families through sharing the experience of reading. She
also relates how the Foundation was started by her mother, Bonnie, whose
dedication to the underprivileged young people of her native Chicago
remains an inspiration to her family as they carry her legacy forward.

Middlebury Five-0: Energy Dashboard

Two Middlebury College Environmental Studies students discuss their work
helping to develop a Community Energy Dashboard, to assist residents in
select Vermont towns monitor and assess their energy consumption and make
informed choices. Megan and Ethan talk about their collaboration with the
Energy Action Network on this urgent project, then offer their views on the
broader issues of conservation and our cultural shift toward greater
environmental consciousness. Their enthusiasm and optimism is exciting, and
their vision uplifting.

Middlebury Five-0: Jim Condos

The Vermont Secretary of State describes the critical functions of this
under-appreciated Agency, broadly overseeing elections, safeguarding voter
rights and ensuring the proper operation of our democracy, monitoring
essential records, ensuring businesses are registered and professionals are
licensed. Jim lays out how the work he does lies at the foundation of our
government and our economy - and speaks with passion about representation
and transparency in our State. His confidence in Vermont's direction,
expanding participation and openness in government, is uplifting.

Middlebury Five-0: Sue Minter

Sue Minter talks about her campaign to become the democratic candidate for
the upcoming 2016 Vermont Gubernatorial election. She describes some of her
qualifications and accomplishments, such as serving as the Secretary of
Transportation for the State and overseeing the recovery effort following
Hurricane Irene. In this wide-ranging conversation Sue talks about the
tremendous admiration she has for the people of Vermont - how they come
together in times of crisis, and work diligently on behalf to their
communities - and the pride she has for her State, with its high level of
transparency and democratic engagement. A delightful introduction to this
charming and exceptionally impressive woman.

Middlebury Five-0: Jason Mittell

The Professor of Film and Media Culture at Middlebury College talks with
animated good humor about the mounting prestige of media studies within the
academic world. Prof. Mittell discusses his latest book, Complex TV,
outlining the central thesis that television has undergone a wholesale
revolution over the past couple of decades, not only in structure and
content, but in how it is consumed by the public and the cultural role it
plays in our society. A compelling presentation, which ends with a
climactic panegyric to 'The Wire'.

Middlebury Five-0: Joe Mark

The Regional Coordinator of the Trout in the Classroom project talks about
the power of approaching school science in this innovative and fascinating
manner, introducing children to various aspects of chemistry, biology,
ecology and the life-sciences while engaging their imaginations, watching
actual fish grow from eggs to wriggly alevins to swimmy little fry -
eventually to be released as fingerlings. Joe talks about the breadth of
understanding conferred, and the passion for conservation instilled in
students as they learn about the interdependence and fragility of our

Middlebury Five-0: Mark Potanas

In this special, on-location edition of the show I interview the
charismatic Superintendent of Southern State Correctional Facility, in
scenic Springfield, Vermont. Mark Potanas took myself and the film crew (my
wife) on an eye-opening, preconception-shattering tour of this magnificent
facility - showing us the many services and programs offered in the prison,
and introducing us to some of the staff and many of the inmates. The
interview challenges some of the entrenched cultural associations with
prison, highlighting the ways in which the necessities of security are
balanced with an approach that fosters connection and strives to preserve
the dignity of offenders. An experience and conversation that proved both
enlightening and inspiring for me.

Middlebury Five-0: Jennifer Molineaux

In this special family edition of Middlebury Five-0, our intrepid host
interviews his esteemed producer (and wife) - laying bare the dramatic and
sometimes harrowing tale of her deep affection for Officer Mason. The
illustrious Ms Molineaux expounds the torrid story of her first love, that
propelled her into deep emotional self-examination leading to eventual
marital bliss. She also describes her existential journey of discovery,
from her Catholic roots, through academic philosophy and into Feminist
Theology. A lively, candid, heartwarming and inspiring peek into the life
of this woman of astounding integrity and profound courage.


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