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Middlebury Five-0: Matthew Cox

This eminently charming member of the Middlebury Union High School English
faculty warms the screen, describing the profound rewards of caring for an
elderly relative, and being there with him through his death - a moving and
inspiring account of this most intimate and powerful experience. Matt also
talks about teaching at high school, and his former career as a journalist,
covering some of the dramatic and tragic events of our recent history. A
truly lively conversational jaunt through the life of this gracious and
amiable community figure.

Middlebury Five-0:Scott Sivo

The dynamic and charismatic new Assistant Principal of Middlebury Union
Middle School talks about his journey as an educator, from working with
Teach For America in an economically challenged area of North Carolina, to
working as an administrator on the scenic Massachusetts coast, to his
glorious transition to the Green Mountain State. Scott conveys his
enthusiasm for working with Middle School students - highlighting some of
the opportunities for connection and growth, while guarding against
unrealistic idealism. An engaging and entertaining introduction to this new
member of our community.

Middlebury Five-0: Steve Paddock

The Director of the Small Business Development Center in Middlebury talks
with ardor about the importance of fostering and nurturing local enterprise
- both the critical role it plays in the economy and its emotional and
spiritual significance in people's lives. Steve talks about how the
programs and training offered are tailored to each individual project, and
how deeply rewarding it is to lend assistance to such a diverse array of
people striving to realize their dreams and enrich our community.

Middlebury Five-0: Addison County Restorative Justice

An inspiring and enlightening glimpse into a facet of the criminal justice
system - so frequently misrepresented and misunderstood. The Executive
Director of Addison County Restorative Justice Services, Miche Modiba, and
the Community Mentor, Katherine Marshall, speak with eloquence and passion
about what they do to assist people who have committed crimes, encouraging
them to take responsibility for their actions, make amends and move forward
into lives of dignity and connection. They speak of the tremendous rewards
of serving this often marginalized segment of the population, and how their
work benefits the entire community.

Middlebury Five-0: Clare and Isabel

An enlightening and compelling glimpse into the minds of two bright and
plucky 11 year old girls. A wide ranging discussion in which Clare and
Isabel talk about the nature of friendship, the anxiety and excitement of
entering 6th grade and plummeting toward teenager-hood, and the moral
imperative to love and protect animals (especially dogs). They discuss
their passions and aspirations - both conceding they may be well suited to
careers as lawyers.

Middlebury Five-0: Addison Cty Health Study

Alessandria Schumacher, a Middlebury College student, and Pamela Berenbaum,
the coordinator of Global Health Programs at the College, introduce
Alessandria's Addison County Health Study. They discuss the purpose,
methodology and findings of the study, highlighting how our County is doing
well, and some of the ways in which services could be improved to enhance
the health of residents. An engrossing discussion ranging from specific
elements of local governance to the very nature of health and some of the
cultural impediments that prevent people from attaining it.

Middlebury Five-0: MUHS Raft Race

An epic competition between majestic vessels crewed by seasoned (sort of)
mariners, driven by a thirst for glory and a coveted Raft Race orange
winner's shirt. This event had everything, from stirring comebacks to
cataclysmic collisions - tremendous courage and perseverance to displays of
devious, underhanded tactics. Watch these nautical wizards from the MUHS
senior class propelling their engineering marvels through the sparkling
waters of Lake Dunmore, straining at the oars like veritable Vikings. Come
for the prowess - stay for the splendid catastrophes.

Middlebury Five-0: Scott Gemignani

The founder/owner of the Game Store in Middlebury talks with ardor about
gaming and the nature of play, challenging many of the common
misconceptions. Scott talks about the evolution of games, from relatively
mechanical boardgames to adventures that engage the imagination and promote
cooperation, providing people with critical cognitive and social skills.
Scott goes so far as to venture the enrichment and joy fostered by gaming
can provide profound meaning and joy - and that applying a gaming mentality
to all aspects of human enterprise could counteract despair and save the

Middlebury Five-0: Matt Krause

A jaunty show with the newest, freshest Summer intern at the esteemed
Middlebury Community Television. Matt talks about his passion for film and
television, offering his views on the media revolution and the follies of
youth. He discusses being at college, and his dreams for the future,
channeling his creative genius into screenplays and collaborating with Bill

Middlebury Five-0: Erin Davis

Local filmmaker, Erin Davis, introduces her latest project, 'The Land' - a
documentary filmed in north Wales about an alternative play-space where the
children creatively impact the environment, utilizing tools and equipment.
She talks with passion about the nature of play and exploration, and how
fundamental, malleable features like mud and and junk can engage the
imagination of children far more effectively than conventional playground
apparatus. Erin offers an inspiring and challenging vision of a place where
taking risks is a part of the developmental adventure - as it was for kids
of past generations.


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