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Middlebury Five-0: Ginger Lambert

A thrilling conversational jaunt through the rich and engaging life of this
community figure, focusing upon her role as 'Fitness Boot Camp' instructor,
bringing health and joy to people through rigorous, military-style workouts
- building self-esteem and generating a sense of team engagement. Ginger
talks about her evolution as an artist, creating wood-blocks and fashioning
work from found items.

Middlebury Five-0: Vermont Adult Learning

The District Manager of Vermont Adult Learning presents an inspiring
account of the many ways the organization contributes to the community -
from honing fundamental proficiencies for adults, to offering alternative
learning settings for high school students, to providing new arrivals to
the country with language skills. Joe describes the flexible, adaptive
teaching model, promoting engagement in students and encouraging a sense of

Middlebury Five-0: Alice Eckles

A glimpse into the fascinating life of this local, ecologically focused
author. Alice talks about her simplified lifestyle, living without
electricity or running water in a yurt, and how this choice reflects her
vision of social transformation, following the future demise of our
fossil-fuel dependent economy. She talks about her transition from a visual
artist to a writer, culminating in the recent publication of her novel,
'The Literature Preferred by Wild Boar' - and her deep affection for bees
and all the wondrous ways they enrich her life.

Middlebury Five-0: Abby Laframboise, Bill Cunningham

Abby Laframboise talks about participating in the Special Olympics - on a
local, national and international level, sharing tales of achievement,
connection and joy. She discusses the significance of the program in her
life - how enriching it's been, and the advocacy she's engaged in, meeting
VT Senators Leahy and Sanders in Washington DC, and poking Arnold
Shwarzenegger in the shoulder in Alaska. She's joined by Bill Cunningham -
an ardent supporter of the Special Olympics, who currently coaches and
organizes the Torch Run - a community engagement and fundraising effort
involving law enforcement agencies throughout the State.

Middlebury Five-0: Bruce Knotts

Director of the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office, Bruce Knotts,
talks with eloquence and charm about his role advocating for human rights
at the UN. He describes the UN's function striving to bring peace to the
world, and his path to a faith of tolerance and inclusion - and how the two
intersect in his work. Bruce touches upon his fascinating history as a
diplomat in some of the most challenging and exotic parts of the world,
facing upheaval and violence and experiencing tremendous beauty.

Middlebury Five-0: Tricia Allen

A very lively chin-wag with the dynamic Youth Services Librarian at Ilsley
Public Library. Tricia talks with tremendous enthusiasm about the critical
role our library plays in the community, serving the needs of our young
people through an ever expanding array of exciting and educational programs
- including some fabulous collaborations with MCTV.

Middlebury Five-0: Rev Andy Nagy-Benson

A stimulating and uplifting conversation with the Pastor of the United
Church of Christ (Congregational Church) in Middlebury. Reverend
Nagy-Benson talks about the history of the church and it's prominent role
in the local community, engaging dynamically with youth and supporting
various outreach projects to those most in need. He also talks about his
personal journey, from a background in literature and teaching, through
poetry into ministry.

Middlebury Five-0: Connor Sousa

A recent addition to the Middlebury Police Department, Officer Sousa
describes in graphic detail his experience at the Vermont Police Academy,
where officers are forged in the crucible of military-style discipline and
rigorous academics - struggling with sleep deprivation and hospital
corners. A lively interview in which Connor's charm and good humor shine

Middlebury Five-0: Rachel Mathewson

A local graduate and current college student, Rachael speaks with
characteristic candidness and vivacity about cultural differences between
her native Florida and New England, touching upon questions of identity,
and her lifelong struggle competing with her twin for nutriment. She offers
a lively and humorous glimpse into this rich and transformative portion of
her life.


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