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Middlebury Five-0: Joanne Cousineau

A local artist and craft mentor describes her passion for making beautiful
things, from jewel trees, to kaleidoscopes, to vases and clay sculpture.
Joanne's warmth and enthusiasm are eloquently expressed through the things
she's created, some of which are on display during the interview. She talks
about her roots in the community, and her commitment to sharing her gifts
through workshops, one of which was recently organized through the
Middlebury Parks & Recreation Department.

Middlebury Five-0: Alex Potter

In this compelling and enlightening conversation about suicide, Alex
Potter, who trains professionals in the field, conveys some of the
ways you can help those at risk. He describes some of the key
indicators a person may be struggling, and passionately promotes
engagement as a response. He also talks about the cultural impediments
to reaching out to those in crisis, and touches upon what can be done
in the community after a tragedy.

Middlebury Five-0: Rotary

An ensemble of eminent Rotarians, Tim Hollander, Eric Denu and Cathy
Trudel, talk about the nature of Rotary, highlighting the club's diversity
of membership and its fundamental commitment to service and community
building, both locally and abroad. The conversation touches upon some of
the inspiring accomplishments of Rotary, including its quest to eradicate
Polio worldwide (which has almost been accomplished), as well as clean
water projects and educational initiatives.

Middlebury Five-0: Morris Earle

Local pediatrician, Morris Earle MD, talks about his experience in Liberia,
painting a graphic and heart-breaking picture of the profound challenges
facing this West African country left ravaged by civil war. He speaks
eloquently about the struggle to provide even basic medical services in an
environment where food is scarce and electricity is sporadic - but also
conveys hope for the nation as it moves forward under the leadership of
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Middlebury Five-0: Beth Diamond

Regional Resource Specialist for Vermont 2-1-1, Beth Diamond talks about
this tremendous community resource, empowering citizens by providing
information and connecting them with services. She points out some of the
crucial ways in which 2-1-1 benefits people, from guiding them through the
labyrinthine complexities of government agencies, to providing crucial
information in times of crisis, to simply being there to listen in an era
of automated, impersonal response.

Middlebury Five-0: Peter Macfarlane

A glimpse into the fascinating life of a professional fiddler. Peter
Macfarlane speaks with engaging humor about his music, as well as his
passion for building boats, constructing canoes out of the fundamental
ingredients, and his wife's accomplishments as an adept practitioner and
prestigious promoter of fencing. A native of England, viewers are advised
to pay close attention to distinguish between host and guest.

Middlebury Five-0: Armel Nibasumba

In a profoundly inspiring show, Armel Nibasumba, an international student
at Middlebury College, talks about his experience establishing a non-profit
organization in Burundi, dedicated to bringing young members of this
fractured society together to foster healing and understanding, and promote
economic enterprise. Armel speaks with passion about his hope for the
future of Burundi, and the ways in which he has he has been encouraged and
impressed by the people he's encountered through his work.

Middlebury Five-0: Amy Sheldon

Amy Sheldon discusses her candidacy for the Vermont State House in the
upcoming November 4th election, sharing her insight into some of the
critical issues facing the legislation, and offering her broader
perspective on democracy and capitalism.

Middlebury Five-0: Betty Nuovo

Incumbent State House representative in the Addison 1 district, Betty Nuovo
returns to Five-0 to discuss her candidacy, and offer her perspective,
drawn from years of political and legal experience, on some broad issues
such as women in government and the democratic process.

Middlebury Five-0: Calvin McEathron

Candidate for one of the two Addison 1 Vermont State House seats, Calvin
McEathron returns to the show to talk with characteristic warmth and ardor
about his platform, and some of the broader issues of representation in our
democratic system.


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